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Host country:
Host institution:
Mobility type:
Ac. year:
Study level:
Language filled in:

Asklepios Klinik Barmbek

Germany 2019/2020 Freemovers

Personal data
Mobility type:

Faculty at MU:
Faculty of Medicine

Field of study:

Level of study during period of placement:

Language used:

Summer/winter school?:

Period of studies:
autumn 2019

Period of placement (from-to):
2019-10-21 - 2019-12-06

Number of months:

Activities before my departure abroad
What was your approach in organising the placement?:
After deciding the city I wanted to visit, I searched and found possible hospitals I could go to. Then I called in to voice my interest, and sent in a formal mail application with necessary documentation.

What documents are required for acceptance on a placement at this organisation?:
Confirmation of studies, CV, and proof of relevant vaccination.

How far ahead did acceptance have to be organised? (in weeks):
12-14 minimally, sometimes 24

Did you need a visa?:

Documents and materials needed for a visa:

Fee for the visa:

During the placement
Did you change the training agreement in the course of your placement (training agreement)?:

What is necessary to arrange immediately on arrival? What requirements and at which offices?:
Vaccination card is to be handed in at the student department, aswell as some paperwork to be filled in.

Describe your work/activity in the foreign organisation. Describe what specifically you did, whether the work corresponded to the agreed conditions and your field of study, and whether your work was independent and responsible, approximate working hours.:
Started with following the doctors on ward rounds, assisting in procedures and such. The work corresponded to the agreed conditions and my field of study. I worked fully independently with some tasks, and under supervision for more extensive tasks. Approximatly 8-9 hours a day.

Did the organisation or local student organisations arrange any special events for foreign students on placements?:

If yes then what?:

Practical questions on your placement
Where did you live?:
Rented a room.

Cost of accommodation - monthly:
400 EUR

Additional comments to the price of accommodation (as to what the price includes):

Who arranged your accommodation and how far ahead:
I did, started the procedure after acceptance to the host institute.

Equipment, internet connection, what to bring:
Stethoscope, pen and paper. Good attitude.

What are the rough costs of groceries (compare with Czech prices):
More expensive, 30-50%

Transport to location of placement:
Bought a terrible bike online for 30 euros and used it untill it broke, then I used the subway the remaining time.

Approximate price:
30 Euro for bike, 3 euros for subway one way.

Tips for purchasing cheap tickets and other recommendations:
Not possible or atleast very difficult for a foreign student to get a student monthly ticket. Buy a better bike.

What are the local transport options (public transport, cycling, on foot, rough prices):
Public transport 3 euro something, possible cheaper for weekly.
Cycling possibilities are outstanding.
Foot will take you forever unless you live close by.

How did you use health insurance? What type?:
European union health insurance.

Did you have other insurance? Which?:

Experience with insured events:

Tips for recreation:
Every country has a bar

Financial support and expenses
Monthly grant from the Centre for International Cooperation:
16000 CZK

What other sources did you make use of to finance your placement?:
Bank loan, and some minor work on the side.

What was your average monthly expenditure during the placement (i.e. without the travel there and back)?:
800 EUR

a/ of which for accommodation:
400 EUR

b/ of which for catering:
250 EUR

c/ travel and recreation:
150 EUR

Any comments to the average monthly expenditure:

Experience with bank accounts/services. Do you recommend an account arranged abroad, use of Czech payment cards...:

Did you pay to foreign organisations any fees? (insurance, materials, etc.):

Did you receive a salary from the host business/organisation?:

If yes, what was your monthly salary?:
0 ???

Other advantages from the host organisation?:
A lot of work and responsibility, good insight into the the local practices and healthcare in general.
More hours at the hopsital means less time home studying which is always nice.

Is it necessary to assume a larger amount at the start of the placement? If yes, what and for what purpose?:
Minor expenses, not really.

Recognition of the foreign placement at the home faculty
Is the traineeship part of your field of study?:

If yes - is it a compulsory or optional part?:

How will your traineeship abroad be recognised at the home faculty?:

How many ECTS credits did you/will you get?:
Dont know

Were there serious problems arranging recognition of the placement?:
Not really

Overall assessment
Assessment of personal benefit (1 = excellent):

Assessment of academic benefit (1 = excellent):

Do you agree with the statement that, thanks to the experience gained during the placement you will be able to further develop your skills for work in your field?:
Most likely

What did you most appreciate after completing your placement?:
The responsibility and and the insight into a different country and their practices.

Any serious problems during the placement?:
Got hit by a car while on my bike. But no serious injuries.

Do you have any recommendation for those that follow you? (e.g. what to take with them):
Would recommend going abroad, no big obstructions or problems in my way, but you will be at the institute for long hours, so if you want to be home and study or have a broader recreational life, then this is not to be recommended.