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Host country:
Host institution:
Mobility type:
Ac. year:
Study level:
Language filled in:

Education University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2018/2019 Partner universities

Personal data
Mobility type:

Faculty at MU:
Faculty of Education

Field of study:
english, geography for education

Level of study during period of placement:

Language used:

Summer/winter school?:

Period of studies:
spring 2019

Period of placement (from-to):
2018-12-27 - 2019-05-24

Number of months:

Activities before my departure abroad
Where can information be found about courses taught at the foreign school?:

Which documents were needed for acceptance at the foreign university?:
Application for Student Exchange Programme
Proof of English proficiency
Motivation letter
Visa application
Reply proforma
Admission offer

How far ahead did you have to organise your acceptance?:
3 - 4 months ahead

Did you need a visa?:

Documents and materials needed for a visa:
Study visa application form

Length of wait for visa:
a month

Fee for the visa:
300 HKD

Did you have a Learning Agreement signed before your departure?:

If not, why not?:

Before your departure did you know how your courses would be recognised by your home faculty?:

During your stay did you change your Learning Agreement?:

When and how did course registration take place? Are there any restrictions? Possibilities of making changes?:
12. - 15. 12. 2018
I had to registrate from 4 to 5 courses online. Changes were possible first 15 days of the semester.

Did you take any examinations at the foreign school?:
no, only final essays and portfolios

Does the school use the ECTS system?:

If not then explain how the credits there were recalculated into ECTS:
1 HKEID credit = 2 ECTS

Describe the teaching methods (theory, practical and projects) and assessment of students:
Lectures: theory plus presentation making, written assesments, group discussions
Grades from final essay

Quality of teaching in comparison with home school:
much better

How did you receive study materials?:

Can you recommend an interesting course/subject/teacher?:
Korean popular culture

How well is the school library equipped?:
well equipped

Availability of computers, internet access, level of software needed, requirements on notebook:

Options from printing and copying:

Does the foreign school/student organisation arrange special events for exchange students?:

If yes then what?:
excursions, cultural workshops

How would you assess your integration with the local students (evaluation like in school from 1 to 5 with 1 as highest):

or describe in your own words:

Practical questions on your placement
Where did you live?:
student hostel: Northcote hall

Cost of accommodation - monthly:
168 EUR

Additional comments to the price of accommodation (as to what the price includes):
Prices are in HKD
Hall Fee: 5,920.00
Life Education 220.00
Hall Fee: 1,200.00

Describe the equipment. Tips for future students – what should they bring with them?:
Sleeping bag or mattress

How and how far ahead should accommodation be organised?:
registration for halls: 13. 12. 2018, 15 days before departure

What are the catering options?:
several canteens

What are the rough costs of groceries (compare with Czech prices):
higher prices, especially dairy products and vegetable

Transport to location of placement:
halls are within campus, many buses are going to MTR station

Rough prices for transportation:
depends on, approx. 400 HKD a month

Tips for purchasing cheap tickets and other recommendations:
buy student octopus card

What are the local transport options (public transport, cycling, on foot, rough prices):

What kind of formalities have to be arranged before arrival, for example residence permit?:
student visa

What health insurance did you use? (rough price, advantages, disadvantages, is it necessary to arrange insurance at the university other than your home (Czech) insurance?):
the one from the eductaion faculty of MU, free

Did you have any experience with medical treatment abroad?:

Did you work during your studies?:

What are the conditions for working for MU students?:
I think that student visa doesn't allow working

Tips for free-time activities:

Financial support and expenses
Total grant from Centre for International Cooperation:
100000 CZK

Monthly grant in CZK:
20000 CZK

Number of supported months:

Total number of months:

What other sources did you make use of to finance your placement?:

If you received another grant, state which and how much in CZK:

Total fees associated with enrolment at the university:
490 HKD

a/ amount of enrolment fee:

b/ amount of tuition fees:

c/ amount of other fees (which):
490 HKD

What was your average monthly expenditure?:
2000 HKD

a/ of which for accommodation:
1468 HKD

b/ of which for catering:
300 HKD

c/ travel and recreation:
232 HKD

Any comments to the average monthly expenditure:

Recognition of foreign studies at the home faculty
How many credits did you gain during your studies (in the system of the foreign school)?:

How many ECTS credits were recognised at MU?:

Did you know in advance which of your courses would be recognised by your home faculty?:
yes, all of them C

What problems did you have with recognition?:

Overall assessment
Assessment of personal benefit (1 = excellent):

Assessment of academic benefit (1 = excellent):

Evaluate the information and support provided by the foreign school (1 = excellent):

Did you encounter any serious problems during your stay:

What would you recommend to take with you:

What most surprised you at the partner university in a positive way:
they were so kind and cared about us very well

What most surprised you at the partner university in a negative way:

Further comments: