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Summer school

EDUC: Green City

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This blended course provides students three very different fields of study such as transport, waste management and health on the common intersection in the light of applied potential in the policy-making process. This course is designed in partnership with the Brno City Municipality. Students will learn fundamental information to be able to provide the Brno City Municipality with working papers which will be used in policy making decision of the future of City planning.

This course is run within the EDUC alliance, where each of the 6 universities can nominate 5 students.

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Students must have a B2 level in English. An official certificate is not required, however a letter from a teacher attesting to your language skills would be necessary or proof of passing a course taught in English where B2+ English was required. You will be asked to upload this before closing your application.
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Summer school
The course is open to all students, but is particularly suited for students in late bachelors/masters studying economics, civil engineering, environmental studies/sciences and who have experience in data analysis, qualitative methods and text analysis.

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