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Online application for outgoing MU students, teaching staff and non-academic staff

Overview of opened programmes
Currently you can apply for the following programmes:
Erasmus+ ICM:
Application opened for ac. year 2019/2020 (2019/2020)
Deadline is on 31st Jan 2019.
Faculty agreements:
Application opened for ac. year 2019/2020 (2019/2020 (1. kolo))
Deadline is set by each faculty individually.
Application opened for Freemover 2019 1. kolo
Deadline is on 15th Jan 2019.
Selections and quotas:
Application opened for ac. year 2019/2020 (Mezivládní dohody 2019 - 2020)
Deadline is on 28th Jun 2019.
Learning agreements:
Learning agreements can be created.
Final reports:
Final reports can be created.
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